Courts and their jurisdiction at a glance

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Courts and their jurisdiction at a glance

Post by Babu on Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:11 pm

Higher courts
Supreme Court is divided into-
i. Appellate Division
ii. High Court Division

Appellate Division-
Has no original jurisdiction. Source of jurisdiction is two-
the Constitution
ordinary law

Constitutional jurisdiction-
a) Appellate jurisdiction
b) Jurisdiction as to issue and execution of process
c) Jurisdiction as to review
d) Advisory jurisdiction

Ordinary law can give the Appellate Division only appellate jurisdiction as stated in Article 103(4) of the Constitution.

High Court Division-

Source of jurisdiction is two-
the Constitution
ordinary law

The jurisdiction of High Court Division may be divided into two-
Ordinary jurisdiction
Constitutional jurisdiction

Ordinary Jurisdiction-
Original Jurisdiction
Appellate Jurisdiction
Revision Jurisdiction
Reference Jurisdiction

Constitutional Jurisdiction-
Writ jurisdiction
Jurisdiction as to superintendence and control over courts
Jurisdiction as to transfer of cases

Subordinate courts-
In civil suits-

Extra Ordinary jurisdiction
District Judge- Original Jurisdiction only in Trade Mark Act, Copyright Act, Christian Divorce Act, Probate suits etc.
i. Appellate jurisdiction
ii. Revisional Jurisdiction
iii. Review Jurisdiction
iv. Inherent Jurisdiction
v. Transfer Jurisdiction
vi. Reference Jurisdiction

Addl. Dist. Judge- He has no original jurisdiction. Other jurisdiction is the same as Dist. Judge.

Joint Dist. Judge- From 4,00,000 - unlimited
i. No appellate jurisdiction
ii. Review Jurisdiction

Senior Dist. Judge- From 2,00,000 - 4,00,000 taka
Assistant Judge- From 1 - 2,00,000 taka.

In criminal cases-
Dist. Session Judge court + Addl. Session Judge court = sentence to death and all other punishments
Asstt. Session Judge court = 10 years imprisonment and unlimited fine.
Metropolitan Session Judge court, Addl. Session judge court = sentence to death and all other punishments
Addl. Session Judge court= Death penalty, fine and other punishments.
Asst. Session Judge = 10 years imprisonment, unlimited fine
CMM, ACMM, MM, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Senior Judicial Magistrate, 1st Class Magistrate = 5 years imprisonment, 10,000 Taka fine.
2nd Class Magistrate = 3 years imprisonment, 5000 Taka fine.
3rd Class Magistrate = 2 years imprisonment, 2000 Taka fine.


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