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Concise form of reference-

a) If the same reference is used, the second reference can be shortened.
Hamidullah, Introduction to Islam, p. 170.

b) Using Ibid-
Used for the subsequent reference if it is the same book and same page. If the page no. is different then after Ibid the page no. is used.
ibid. 60

c) Using of op. cit-
To avoid the whole information of the book or article. Quoting of the name of the author, book and page number is enough.
Rahman, Dr Tanzilur, A Code of Muslim Personal Law, Islamic Publishers, Pakistan, 1990, vol. 1, p. 350.
Rahman, Dr Tanzilur, A Code of Muslim Personal Law, op. cit, p. 360.

d) Using passim-
If the information is scattered.
Mawdudi, Syed Abul A'ala, Four Basic Quranic Terms, Islamic Publications Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, 1972, chap. 6 passim.

e) Using pp.
For quoting more than one page.
pp. 150-158.

f) Using edt, edn-
Chowdhury, Obaidul Haq, edt., Hand Book of Muslim Family Law, DLR (Publisher), Dhaka, Bangladesh, edn. 1st, vol. 2, 1993, p. 155.

nd. - no date
et. al. - and others
e.g. - for example
viz. - namely
vs. - against
cf. - approximately

Quoting of Public Documents-
i) Name of the country (.)
ii) Year (.)
iii) Name of the document (.)
In case of parliament the following style-
Bangladesh.2005.Marriage & Divorce Act 1962 (Rv. 2005) (Act. 505).

Quoting International Documents-
UNESCO.1960.Director General of UNESCO report Paris.UNESCO.

Quoting Article from Journal-
i) Name of Author (.)
ii) Year (.)
iii) Title of article (.)
iv) Name of journal (italic) (.)
v) Number of volume (bold)
vi) Number of issue (in bracket) (colon)
vii) Page no. of the whole article (.)
Dr. ABM Mahbubul Islam. 2005. Sources of Islamic Constitution. 11UC Studies. Vol.2. (3) : pp. 146-162.

Quoting Newspaper-
i) Name of the writer (.)
ii) Year (.)
iii) Name of article (.)
iv) Name of Newspaper (.)
v) Date (.)
vi) Page number (.)
Dr. Tareq MR Chowdhury. 2005. Human Rights in Islam and Conventional Law: A Comparative Study. The Daily Star. 25 June. 8

Quoting Al Quran and Al Hadith-
2 ways of transliteration-
i) Al-Shamsia
ii) Al-Qamaria
Example- Alif Lam Dhalik al Kitabu or
Alif Lam Mim Dhalika al Kitabu.

Using reference for ayat and Surah and Hadith-
i) Name of the Book (,)
ii) Name of the Sura (,)
iii) Number of Sura (: )
iv) Number of Ayah
Al Quran, Al Baqarah, 2:217

i) Name of the book (,)
ii) Status of the Hadith, Sahih or Sunan (,)
iii) Name of chapter and name of section (.)
Al-Bukhari, Sahih (k). Al Qada (b) or chapter (ch) sariqah. (If possible Hadith number).

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